Daphnel ogo

"An obsessive painter seeks to solve his creative dilemma by making a depiction of the Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne. His encounter with an equally obsessive fan leads to an appointment with destiny that is both humorous and revealing for them both."

As the author I find Daphne to be a very personal play.  The underlying themes of self-worth, life choices, obsession and regret have significance to a modern audience.  The humor of it prevents me from taking the play too seriously, and when all is said and done, the goal is entertainment.  Our 2001 workshop production was very useful for us in finding the strengths and weaknesses, but we were limited in the scope of our audience. The workshop production featured Noelle Holly, Holly Sheppard, Sam Mercer, Tanya Giles, Michael Buckley, and Myself, and ran for 4 performances, May 9, 10,11, & 12 2001. My Co-Producer, Michael Buckley, was able to round up some investor interest to enable us to take Daphne to a bigger production level, but unfortunately this never transpired.

Currently I am working on adapting this story into a screenplay, and as a graphic novel.

Cast of Daphne

The Cast of Daphne:

Julie Reed (Director), Noelle Holly (Andrea), Sam Mercer (James), Mike Buckley (Kevin), Holly Sheppard (Eden), Tanya Giles (Joan), Cam Chesney (Christopher), David Giles (Live Music)