Theatrical Bio for Cameron Chesney

Cameron is 35-year-old actor/playwright originally from Edmonton, AB Canada.  He has lived in New York City since 1990.  Cameron has acted in numerous plays in New York, including: a workshop production of Daphne, Catch-22 (playing Milo Minderbinder), Marisol, All My Sons, Breast Men, and Romeo & Juliet.  He was an active member of The Riot Theater Company, now disbanded.  He wrote Daphne in 1999, based loosely on his knowledge of art & painting (Cameron has an MFA in Illustration from SVA).  In May of 2001, a workshop production of Daphne was staged at New York’s Abingdon Theater.  Directed by Julie Reed, Cameron played the part of Christopher Kingsley, the humorously obsessive painter.  The play received much positive response, including potential investor interest. In 2003 Cameron appeared as the hamster obsessed madman Larry in the short film Rodentia Nervosa directed by Samantha Moller. Cameron has trained as an actor at numerous places, including Lee Michael Cohn’s NY Acting Workshop, The Atlantic Theater, Endeavor, and most recently studied under Lynn Singer at T. Schrieber Studios.


Here are some comments regarding Cameron's work as an actor:

"I've known Cam for years, and put simply, I adore his work, and working with him! If there's a chromosome for funny, Cam has got it, and if there's a similar genetic code for utter sincerity in acting, he's got that, too."”
- Lee Michael Cohn, Teacher and co-author of A Practical Handbook For the Actor

"I have directed Cam in a few different plays and I must say that Cam is the kind of actor you pray walks into an audition. He is always prepared with various ways of coming at a scene, continually ready and easy to work with, and the epitome of a professional. In fact, one can see the change in fellow actors when Cam takes the stage as they have to rise to his level and bring their A game because they know he is going to bring his."
- Chris Shade, Director of Catch-22

“Cam’s sincerity shines through in everything he does.”
- Samantha Moller, Film Director

“Cameron is the kind of artist everyone aspires to be: multitalented, dedicated, totally unselfish in everything he does and a captivating performer!”
- Rachel Style, actress Huff! Door in the Floor

“Cam Chesney is the Poor Man’s Phillip Seymour Hoffman.”
-R. Ganeshram, Personal Nemesis