Cameron is a multi-skilled creator originally from Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

After studying Visual Communications for 4 years at the Alberta College of Art, he moved to New York City in 1990 to attend the School of Visual Arts, MFA Illustration program. He graduated from SVA in 1992, and choose to stay in New York City, and took work as a graphic designer doing character licensed artwork for Garan, a garment manufacturer in the Empire State Building.

In September 1994, Cam moved to Brooklyn, to the neighborhood of DUMBO and then eventually to Williamsburg. On Monday evenings Cam began studying practical acting skills from actor/teacher Lee Michael Cohn at New York University. Cohn is co-author of A Practical Handbook for the Actor, which teaches the acting discipline in terms of Practical Aesthetics, as established by David Mamet & William H. Macy at the Atlantic Theater. After the course was over Cam took up regular study with Lee Cohn's privately run Acting Workshop for over 4 years, where he learned skills such as, script analysis, character development, improvisation, Shakespeare, and Theatrical Production.

In the Fall of 1995 Cam began full-time employment at Krazy Kat Sportswear doing graphics work for their CAD department. Days were spent at Krazy Kat doing computer graphics, while evenings and weekends were devoted to theatrical pursuits. Several Stage productions and "scene nights" were performed for live audiences during this time. In the Spring of 1998 Cam began writing his first play, Daphne, based on his desire to combine his knowledge of art & theater. Further skilled training was aquired in vocal production technique.

In September Cameron joined the cast of Romeo & Juliet which was being produced by the newly formed Riot Theater Company, composed of young actors studying at NYU and The Atlantic Theater Acting School. In January of 1999, he joined the ranks of Riot at their request and participated in significant roles in several productions with them, including: All My Sons, Marisol, and Catch-22 and various evenings of "one-act" plays. A public "staged reading" of Cam's play, Daphne, was held at the Atlantic Theater School in May.

With various members choosing to pursue other activities, The Riot Theater Company disbanded in Fall 2000.

In May 2001 Cam co-produced a small workshop production of Daphne at the Abingdon Theater, NY, in hopes of gaining support for a larger scale production. Despite very favorable response, and several interested parties, Daphne remains unproduced.

In August of 2001 Cam began rehearsals for The Importance of being Earnest, playing the part of Reverend Canon Chasuble, at The Royal Theater in The Producer's Club, NY. The tragic events of September 11 of that year severely affected the success of that production. Taking a lengthy break from theater in the time that followed Cam began devoting his free time to his love of cartooning, and the writing and drawing of various comics stories for future publication.

Over the next three years Cam produced a 7 page story called Morning Rituals, a 16 panel story called How to See The Aura, and a 5 page story for the comics anthology True Porn vol 2. In 2002 Cam played an eccentric scientist in the independent film, Rodentia Nervosa, for Director Samantha Moller . In 2003 Cam began a 9 month period of study at T.Schreiber Studios, refreshing his scene study skills under the guidance of Lynn Singer.

In the summer of 2004, inspired by the work of cartoonist James Kolchaka, Cam began keeping a "cartoon diary", which recorded daily his life (exciting or not). Four months were recorded in the diary. In October of 2004, Cam's very dear sister Jodi sadly passed away, from the complications of heart disease. Creative work was put aside for several months.

Things took a brighter turn in 2005, when Cameron married opera singer Jennifer Griffin. Later that year, baby Joss was born to the wonderful delight of them both. Currently in 2006 Cam has opted to spend some time being a "stay at home" Dad, caring for his son, while pursuing various creative projects (including a graphic novel adaptation of Daphne and a Sunday-style cartoon strip called "Jodi's Treehouse"), in the time that is available.