Thursday, 10.01.2008 2:00 PM

Its been a long while since I've done anything with this site. Right now I'm thinking this whole site has to be seriously upgraded. I'm looking at many of my fellow artists sites and seeing how simple and elegant they are, leading me to conclude that I need to do something similar. So, in the meantime while I break out the books again, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year, and I hope to hear from more of you, whether by email, skype, Facebook, etc...



Thursday, 19.10.2006 11:12 AM

The relocation is complete; Jennifer, Joss and myself are now residents of Port Moody, British Columbia. It is a beautiful area and we are extremely pleased with our new place and with how everything is progressing. I hope all of our New York friends come out to visit us...

Wednesday, 19.07.2006 9:00 PM

Finally I have had the chance to sit down and make a few updates to the site. Its been so long that in the interim I forgot many of the things that I learned while making this project. Too bad I packed away all of my books. A lot has happened in the past few months:

The newest news is that we are now back in Canada. We've been stationed here in Northern Alberta at my parents lakehouse, while Fer and I continue our search for our next location. Our goal is to move out to the Vancouver region by the end of the summer, so there is a lot ahead to take on. But looking back, we have accomplished a tremendous amount. My father and I completed a lengthy drive across the USA up to Alberta, crossing through 9 states and 2 provinces along the way, a total distance of 3999 km. Keep your eyes and ears open for us, as we look for new employment and a new place to live.

In early June I was a participant at the 2006 MoCCA Art Festival of New York, now in its 5th year running. I made a brand new minicomic sampler called Bossjoss Comics and Stories, which contained a few of the things I've been working on for the past little while. It was tremendous fun, and I hope to be back there again in the distant future to exhibit more work.

It was hard to say goodbye to New York City and the many fine friends that I made there during my sixteen years there. But Fer, Joss, and myself are very much looking forward to starting up new living situations on the West Coast. Cheers to all.

Thursday, 10.01.2008 2:08 PM

Finally! The website is complete! It certainly was an undertaking...especially for a guy who doesn't know how to code, or even use the software. Its been awhile since I learned stuff "on the fly" like that. It really is about time I did this though. I've needed a place for all of my various interests to come together. Here it is. I know it will be a few months until it runs smoothly and is free of gross mistakes, so forgive me in the meantime. Its my first website.